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Smarter Technology for Better Patient Care.

UnderStory raises the bar for the industry's first patient care assurance platform with a new brand identity and online presence.

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Amping Up For Healthcare

UnderStory worked with our friends at Good Must Grow to design a new identity and website for their client, Amplion®. Our challenge was to communicate their core business – clinical workflow optimization, advanced patient communications technology and in-depth analytics to help organizations make data-driven clinical decisions. As part of this, we also helped with their game-changing care assurance platform - Ampion Alert.

A new forward-thinking identity

We started with a new identity design, inspired by the clinical nature of the business and the letter “A” from the name of the company. We worked through several directions before landing on a mark featuring a progressive arrow and subtle A integration. The logotype is set in a soft rounded sans serif to help balance the technical focus of the logomark with a friendly vibe.

Variation for the Nurse Call System

Part of the challenge after working through the core logo for the company was evolving it to include their Nurse Call System, Amplion Alert®. To accmplish this, we paired another tech-leaning sans serif typeface with small arrows in between each letter for use on their on-wall devices.

Carrying through to digital

UnderStory completed our work by designing and developing a responsive website, communicating how the client is radically raising the bar on traditional nurse call and legacy in-room patient care technologies with the industry's first care assurance platform.