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The Moore Agency

Working for Equity in Higher Education

UnderStory partners with the Moore Agency to design and develop a new digital hub for Every Learner Everywhere

Websites & Apps
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New Technology to Innovate Teaching and Learning

UnderStory worked with The Moore Agency and Every Learner Everywhere to plan, design, and develop a new website in a new management platform. Every Learner Everywhere advocates for equitable outcomes in U.S. higher education through advances in digital learning. The new website needed to be a better system for updating important pillar resources, managing blog posts, and sharing news to help tell their mission’s story by empowering the people seeking resources and information.

Resources for Better Learning

One goal of the new website was to create a new resource hub focused on pillar needs and a quick link to the existing deeper resource website, Solve. The new resources section also includes the Expert Network, powered by The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). It offers flexible, on-demand coaching to faculty, course coordinators, instructional designers, and academic leaders at U.S. institutions of higher education.