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Just Take 20

Build a Brighter Florida.

UnderStory launches the new web-based family reading application for the Florida Department of Education.

Brand & Identity
Websites & Apps
Video & Content
Creative Direction

Designing a Brand Identity for Family Reading Plans

The initial challenge for the state-wide Florida Just Take 20 campaign was to create branding capable of scaling from grades K-12. But how could we accomplish a consistent identity system that could be attractive across such a wide range of ages while maintaining adapatabilty for implementation across several media types?

Our solution was to aim slightly younger in our logo mark visual direction, pairing it with a color system strategy that scales. This way all curriculum or creative materials could fit their target audience while being consistent and easy to recognize by students, teachers and parents.


Gold Addy Award – Campaign

Silver Addy Award – PSA

Silver Addy Award – Website

Main Logo

Grade Logo System

Designing and Building a Responsive Family Reading Plan Web Application

In addition to designing the brand identity and providing creative direction for the state-wide campaign, UnderStory was tasked with planning, designing and coding the web application that served as the digital hub. We started with UX plans, user stories, wireframes, and built a prototype before moving to visual designs.

Plans Fit For Your Family

When signing up for Just Take 20, families have the option to customize plan options presented to them by simply choosing the age ranges of children in their household. They can even select a color and icon to for their family profile. As families build their plans and complete challenges, they earn points and can follow their progress as a family or broken down by each age range.

Badges Make Everything Better

To encourage continued use of the reading plan application by families and students, we created a reward system implementing gamification principles at performance keypoints throughout the experience.

Just Take 20 Campaign Creative

We helped with creative direction for the campaign, working with Skye Creative and designer Erin Pace to produce a broadcast Public Service Announcements, curriculum materials and other campaign creative such as banners and blog graphics.