Moore Bass Consulting



Engineering a Digital Home for Moore Bass

UnderStory designs and develops a new website for professional engineering firm Moore Bass Consulting.

Websites & Apps

We Are MB - Evolving an Engineering Firm Brand

UnderStory was brought in by our friend and creative partner Kirsten Phelps for help with a new website and design direction for Moore Bass Consulting. We were tasked with updating with a new brand look, focused on the company culture and services, without changing the company logo. We decided to key in on the logo’s structure and incorporate the use of lines and right angles throughout the new look and feel. We also introduced the concept of “We Are MB” as a rallying cry for both potential clients and internal staff.

A New Digital Home Built for An Engineering Firm

Our new digital solution includes the ability to create custom service-focused landing pages and management of MB Career positions. To help tell the story of the company’s engineering background, wanted the website to feel as if builds in as you scroll down the page. So we provided a new icon design system and custom coded animations for added brand identity.