Ology Brewing Co.

Fresh From The Tap

UnderStory crafts a new online hub for the grand opening of Tallahassee, FL taste makers Ology Brewing Co.

Websites & Apps

Bonded by a love for craft and science.

We partnered with Ology Brewing Co. to help them with a new website for the grand opening of their brewery. Working with the client, Nick Walker, and Jessica Clark of Skye Creative for copy and content, we pushed the boundaries for the design with our own brewed science, featuring an attention-grabbing opening header animation mixing beer bubbles with hexagonal molecule-inspired formations.


Addy Awards:

Best of Show - Campaign (Website)

Gold - Website

Gold: District 4 - Campaign (Website)

Silver: District 4 - Website

Where Taste Is a Family Tradition

Part of the bigger focus for Ology was telling founder Nick Walker’s rich family history of science and the study of smell and taste. It’s the basis of the brewery name, so we wanted to tell his story in style as Nick continues his family tradition.