Strategic Digital Services


Website Design & Development

Combining Forces for Creative Digital

UnderStory designs and develops a new website for digital media marketing firm Strategic Digital Services.

Websites & Apps

Pushing Creative Boundaries

When we heard they were considering a new website, UnderStory reached out to Strategic Digital Services, a local company who are also our friends and colleagues in the digital industry. We first met with SDS Creative Director Nipa Eason and the rest of the SDS team for a creative briefing. Armed with a fresh new logo designed by Steve Leacock, we set out to extend the new brand identity online and design and develop a website that pushed creative boundaries.

Extending the Brand Identity Online

Since SDS specializes in online video, we wanted to feature video on the website in a way that grabbed attention. We also wanted to further push the brand gradient and geometric shapes from the logo so it could come to life across device screens. The result is a website experience rich in color with background videos, interactive animations, and unique gradient text headlines.